Jiva Receives Investment from Katapult

(Photograph: Katapult)

Jiva is in the top 23 impact tech start-ups to receive investment from Katapult group this autumn. These start-ups represent the top 1% of all 1900 candidates to the accelerator program. In total, the recruitment round screened start-ups from 6 continents and around 62 countries, and the selected 23 companies represent 14 different countries and span 5 continents.

These 23 start-ups will take part in the Katapult Accelerator 2022: An accelerator program specifically designed for high impact Ocean and Climate-tech companies.

Described as “the most intense and fulfilling MBA you could ever undertake”, during the course of the program, the cohort of companies will engage in rigorous workshops, online meetups, mentor sessions, pitch training and investor presentations, with the aim of making the start-ups ready for scaling.

This award-winning program is Katapult’s flagship accelerator program and has received international praise for being the most comprehensive impact program in the world. Over the next three months, Jiva will strengthen their skills in impact, strategy, management and investor readiness through a combination of video modules and hands-on workshops.

Jiva will also benefit from entering a network of international mentors, industry players and investors. Jørn Haanæs, Investment Director of Climate at Katapult says: “We invest in the most impressive teams we can find, teams, building real climate solutions in fast growing markets. We’re proud to partner with Jiva for the coming decade.”

Jiva’s primary target is to secure further funding from other investors by early 2023 with the support of Katapult. The program will also specifically help Jiva in assessing the impact of Soluboard®, quantifying and exploiting the positive environmental influence of our product and subsequently converting the results into further solutions for a wider customer base.

Working with British and European partners, Jiva has been able to secure a raw material supply chain, multiple manufacturers of Soluboard and a growing pool of potential customers. Jiva has received significant interest from international blue-chip technology corporations driven by long-term sustainability targets.

10.5kg of carbon per square metre of Soluboard PCBs will be saved in comparison to existing PCBs, translating to a 60% reduction in carbon when Soluboard is adopted by a customer. If Soluboard is used in just 1% of European domestic appliances, 100 tonnes of plastic waste would be eradicated from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

You can read more about Katapult here: https://katapult.vc/investors/portfolio/