Jiva will use Soluboard® as a catalyst to rethink the way that we handle the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

The unique properties of Soluboard® will enable PCBs made of the material to be more easily broken down and recycled, increasing yields of precious metal recovery and decreasing environmental damage in the process.

Soluboard® will act as future-proofing for customers within the European electronics market in preparation for when the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive is renewed.

Jiva is actively collaborating with potential customers to produce advanced beta prototypes based on their IP. These PCBs will be tested internally by the potential customer in line with their specifications and then tested in-situ within a functioning product.

Soluboard® will be the world’s first commercialised recyclable PCB substrate. This unique feature partnered with its mechanical and electrical properties means that Soluboard® can be widely adopted within the electronics industry.

The Team.

Dr Jonathan Swanston.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Jonathan Swanston is an entrepreneur with 35 years of techno-commercial experience in the chemical and polymer business.

After working with companies such as Shell and Evonik, Jonathan set up a consulting business – his recent experience includes AIM listing of a company and the successful commercialisation of products.Jonathan has played a key role in the commercial development of Soluboard®, working closely with all of Jiva’s partners to optimise the raw material supply chain and the manufacture of the composite. Jonathan is also responsible for much of the traction that Jiva has received to date with potential customers and played a key role in securing Jiva’s €845,000 seed investment in 2020.

Jack Herring.

Chief Product Officer

Jack Herring is a graduate of MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art. After inventing Soluboard® during his studies, Jack founded Jiva Materials Limited in 2017.

Jack has been instrumental to successfully raising over €1.2 million in investment and Innovate UK grants combined to further develop Soluboard® and transform it into a commercially viable product.
Jack has played a central role in the development of Jiva’s intellectual property and has experience by acting as Project Manager of Jiva’s ongoing Innovate UK project.

Jack was a finalist for the London Mayor’s Entrepreneur Award in 2018 as well as the Social Innovation Award in Materials Design by the Arts Foundation in 2020.

Steven Curtis.

Chief Technical Officer

Steven Curtis is an engineer and maker with over 25 years of experience in high volume electronics manufacturing. This expertise spans materials, components and systems level manufacturing. Steven most recently developed electronic substrate platforms for thermal management in the lighting and power industries. He has a strong skillset in material selection, equipment and process design, product approval and supply chain design.

Since joining Jiva in 2019, Steven has been responsible for ensuring the effective fabrication of Soluboard®, taking it from a raw material through to a fully assembled PCB. Steven’s expertise as a manufacturing specialist means that Soluboard® will be thoroughly tested to industry standards to secure its position as an alternative in the competitive world of PCB production.

Steve Driver

Business Development Lead

Steve Driver is an entrepreneur with 32 years of manufacturing and business growth experience. Steve is an innovator and has developed companies and processes to work with non-standard materials. He has worked with customers within telecoms, aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

Steve has grown and sold several businesses in the world of PCB manufacturing, many of which are still operating to this day. Steve’s knowledge and resources provides Jiva with continued support to effectively integrating Soluboard® into existing PCB fabrication processes. Steve’s experience with electrical equipment manufacturers has been key to sourcing potential customers. As such, Jiva is able to benefit from the conversion of ongoing potential customer enquiries to commercial traction and sales.

The Investors.


Katapult VC is a global investment company focusing on early stage impact driven technology startups. Katapult has over 100 USDM under management and over the last 5 years, has made 168 investments in impact tech startups from 46 different countries. Katapult invests within three investment verticals: Ocean-, Climate- and Food-tech. In 2021, Katapult launched the Katapult Foundation with the aim of building a larger network around impact investing.

Sky Ocean Ventures

Sky Ocean Ventures is an impact investment fund investing £25 million over five years in ingenious ideas that millions of people across the world can embrace, enabling them to cut back on plastic and recycle more. They nurture promising solutions with expertise in brand-building, collaborations with their partners and presenting opportunities to test new ideas with Sky’s 24 million customers.

Sorbon Ventures

Sorbon Ventures is the venture arm of Sorbon Investments, a family office with links to the building market. The aim of Sorbon Ventures is to build a portfolio of game changing and/or IP led businesses as part of an investment diversification strategy. The investment criteria is sector agnostic and encompasses early stage pre and post revenue businesses.

Armstrong Capital

Armstrong Capital is a London based Asset Manager focused on the impact investment sector. Investments which Armstrong undertakes must support society to meet its fundamental needs of shelter, food, health, water and power generation in a less resource intensive manner. Armstrong’s focus is to reduce the world’s reliance on non-renewable resources.


Venrex is a London-based Venture Capital firm that invests in early stage businesses with high growth potential. It manages a Fund dedicated to investing in exceptional individuals and businesses from the Royal College of Art, the world’s leading higher education institution for post-graduate art & design.


InnovationRCA is the centre for entrepreneurship and commercialisation at the Royal College of Art. It runs start-up and accelerator programmes for tech-based businesses and creative brands founded by Royal College of Art graduates and alumni. It also provides IP, patent and business support to students and staff developing innovative products and technologies.