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Established in September 2017, Jiva Materials Ltd is a sustainability start-up based in London.

Jiva has developed Soluboard® which will be used to manufacture the world's first fully recyclable PCBs.


The World's First Fully Recyclable PCB Laminate

PCBs made up 8% of the 50 million tonnes of electronic waste that was generated in 2018.


With the two primary materials in PCBs being fibreglass and epoxy, the only method of recycling involves shredding them down and incinerating them in order to extract the precious metals within.

Jiva Materials has developed a revolutionary new material to offer a solution to this environmentally damaging process - Soluboard®.


Patent pending, it is a flax based product that is a competitively priced, fully biodegradable and non-toxic alternative.

The organic structure of Soluboard® means the non-toxic ingredients begin to delaminate when immersed into hot water.


This allows the flax fibres to be composted or repurposed and the electronic components to be removed for re-processing.

The Team

Jack Herring

Chief Executive Officer

Jack Herring is a recent graduate of MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art.

After inventing Soluboard® during his studies, Jack is now based within the InnovationRCA incubator.

Successfully raising investment through a joint fund set up by Venrex Investment Management and the Royal College of Art has allowed Jack to further develop Soluboard® to transform it into a commercially viable product.

Dr Jonathan Swanston

Chief Technical Officer

Dr Jonathan Swanston is an entrepreneur with 35 years of techno-commercial experience in the chemical and polymer business.

After working with companies such as Shell and Evonik, Jonathan set up a consulting business. His recent experience includes AIM listing of a company and the successful launching of commercial products.

Jonathan’s interests are in novel applications of products to achieve lower environmental impact, including eliminating cyanide from gold extraction.

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