Jiva Announced as Runner-Up in Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge

On the evening of 24th February, it was announced that Jiva had been selected as the runner-up of the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2020 on a Dutch TV show watched by 2 million people.

The TV show titled ‘Iedereen Kan Het’ or ‘Anyone Can Do It’ was broadcast by Omroep Max. It showcased all six finalists of the competition, highlighting the problem that each of the start-ups are tackling and presenting their sustainable innovations for the future.

Jiva was one of the two UK start-ups in the finals, with both of them securing the first and second prizes of €500,000 and €200,000 respectively. There was also more than just the two companies’ locations that they have in common, with Jiva CEO and co-founder, Jack Herring, and the founders of SoluBlue, Ayca Dundar and Francis Field, all being alumni of the Royal College of Art in London.

Over 650 start-ups applied to the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2020, from countries including the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Germany. The Green Challenge fund is managed by the DOEN Foundation, a Dutch non-profit organisation which also connects parties in its network to assist the finalists following the award of the prize money.

During the TV show, Jack engaged with the Dutch scientific journalist and presenter, Anna Gimbrère, as well as the CSR manager for KPN, Brechtje Spoorenberg. KPN is a Dutch telecommunications company that is focusing on the circularity of their electronic and electrical products. The company states that they are already recycling 80% of their TV receivers and modems, with a target being set of achieving 100% circularity by 2025. This is an attempt to help contribute to the Netherlands’ goal of achieving a truly circular economy by 2050.

Jiva will be using the competition winnings to continue expanding their new pilot facility in Waterlooville, Hampshire. This will enable the company to demonstrate the utility of Soluboard to potential customers, transferring many of the production processes from third party facilities in-house. Jiva will also use the funds to finance to produce their initial batches of Soluboard for prototyping projects with potential customers.

The funding will also allow the British start-up to build the core team. Jiva now plans to hire a Materials Development Engineer with experience in materials science in order to fast-track their research and development and accelerate our route to market.

Securing second prize in one of Europe’s most prestigious sustainability focused competitions is validation of Jiva’s novel solution for the fastest growing waste stream in the world – electronic waste or ‘e-waste’. The international recognition will provide Jiva the platform that is required to publicise this huge problem and position Soluboard as a commercially viable solution.

Jiva is now preparing for fundraising, planning to fulfil a seed investment round later in 2021. Further investment will allow the UK based company to collaborate with more of the world’s leading electrical and electronic equipment producers. Jiva would like to hear from any potential customers who feel that Soluboard would be a good fit for their portfolio.

Jack Herring, CEO of Jiva, said:

“Electronic waste is increasing at an alarming rate, but now Jiva Materials is one step closer to tackling it. The prize money from Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge is going to transform Soluboard, propelling Jiva Materials from our R&D phase to offering customers a product that significantly cuts their carbon footprints and electronic waste worldwide.”