Jiva Partners with OnAsset Intelligence to Develop the World’s First Biodegradable Tracking Device

(Photograph: Associated Air)

In a groundbreaking partnership, OnAsset Intelligence, a leading provider of asset tracking solutions, and Jiva Materials, a pioneer in sustainable materials, have joined together to develop the world’s first biodegradable tracking device.

This exclusive collaboration aims to combat the increasing problem of electronic waste (e-waste) and offer a sustainable solution to the environmental challenges posed by the disposal of single-use data logging and tracking devices.

The rise of global commerce and desire for enhanced supply chain visibility have increased the demand for tracking and monitoring devices to ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods worldwide. The result is an ever-increasing e-waste problem driven by single-use data logging and tracking devices, which are discarded after their short life span.

As a consequence, millions of tons of e-waste are created every year containing toxic elements that can leach into the soil and water, causing serious environmental and health hazards. “The need for an environmentally friendly solution has never been greater,” said Adam Crossno, CEO of OnAsset Intelligence. “Our partnership with Jiva Materials is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Together, we’re addressing a global issue and providing a solution that is both effective and kind to the planet.”

Jiva Materials has been at the forefront of creating materials that are both sustainable and functional. Their expertise in developing biodegradable materials made them the perfect partner for OnAsset Intelligence in this venture. Dr Jonathan Swanston, CEO of Jiva Materials, comments “We are thrilled to collaborate with OnAsset Intelligence. This partnership aligns with our vision of reducing the environmental impact of electronic devices. The biodegradable tracking device is just the beginning, and we’re excited to lead the way in sustainable tech solutions.”

OnAsset’s new biodegradable tracking device is expected to revolutionize the logistics and transportation industry by providing a sustainable option that helps customers achieve their ESG goals while providing a much-needed alternative to existing single use devices on the market.

In additional support of ESG compliance, OnAsset will be providing a certificate of CO2 footprint savings with each unit. Both companies believe that this is a substantial step towards a more sustainable future and hope to inspire other industries to adopt environmentally friendly solutions.

If you want to join the early adopters of this technology, please go to onasset.com/ESG and register.


About OnAsset

Founded in 2005, OnAsset is a leading technology company specializing in asset tracking and monitoring solutions with a focus on providing innovative, reliable, and sustainable products that allow organizations to track and manage their valuable assets in real-time.

Whether it is monitoring the location and condition of high-value cargo in transit, optimizing supply chain operations, or ensuring the security and compliance of critical assets, OnAsset’s solutions empower companies to leverage its 17 patents, global airline approvals, and industry certifications to make informed decisions and streamline their operations. OnAsset is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance asset visibility and control serving over 170 countries.

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About Jiva Materials

Jiva Materials Ltd is a UK based company developing naturally derived materials for the printed circuit board market. Soluboard® is the world’s first fully recyclable rigid PCB laminate with a 60% lower carbon footprint compared to glass-fibre and epoxy technologies. Available as a copper clad laminate, the organic structure can be dissolved using hot water within a controlled environment.

This enables the recovery of the natural fibre, copper and electronic components containing rare and expensive minerals. The electronic components recovered from Soluboard® PCBs can be reused in many cases. Soluboard® can be used to produce double-sided PCBs with plated through hole (PTH) technology. It is compatible with industry standard PCB fabrication processes and has electrical properties comparable to market incumbent laminates.

For more information, please visit www.jivamaterials.com.